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Newborns are my passion and what I specialize in.  Newborns photography best when they are under 12 days old.  Why?  They still have that newborn curl, they are still very sleepy, their skin is nicer (not peeling) and they don’t mind being nude.  I have learned that the very best time to photograph a newborn is days 5-10.  They seem to be their sleepiest before day 10!  The first few days with a newborn pass by much too quickly!!!

Newborn sessions take place in my home studio.  Sessions typically last 2-4 hours, but that’s up to the baby!  Sessions take place only on Saturday or Sunday.  Price:  starts at $175

Older Newborns:  If you have a newborn who is older than 10 days old we can still achieve beautiful portraits.  Please send me an email so we can discuss your session details.

You can also choose a Watch Me Grow package.  This includes a newborn session, 6-9 month (must be able to sit independently), and a 1 year session start at $425.

I also photography families on a limited basis.  Family sessions are usually located at a wide variety of local parks and typically last 1-2 hours.  Price:  $225 per family of 5.  Additional person fee is $25 per person, up to 8 people.

All sessions include a high resolution download of approximately 20 images.  Each session outside a 20 mile radius will be an additional $0.50 per mile.  Sessions are e-mailed out within 2-4 weeks.

Interested in a custom session?  Email me at and we will work something out!

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